The Phoenix Shinobi!

Rebirth From the Ashes!


      Welcome to one of the future great clans of the N-A nation. We can't offer much at the moment, however with your help and hard work we can build this clan to everything it was ment to be.

This clan may be new but don't take it lightly. It takes no time for a phoenix to spread it's wings and start to soar high and mighty to the sky, just as it will take no time at all for the The Phoenix Shinobi clan to spread it's wings and take flight!

News and Announcments!

7/5/10:  Congradulations to UzumakiSempai, for making the top ten streakers in the game! 

7/6/10: All members set to trail, report to Kien when available to receive your new rank!

War Record!

8-3-10: The Phoenix shinobi won against Amegakure! War record becomes 1-1

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